A brief curriculum vitae of the choir
S:t Jacobs Ungdomskör 

 S:t Jacobs Ungdomskör is a youth choir consisting of members between the ages of 20-29. The choir was founded in the autumn of 2007 as a part of a project for the City of Stockholm called “Storstadsprojektet”. The aim of this project; organized by the parish of the Cathedral of Stockholm, was to get more was to get more young people to sing; and S:t Jacobs Ungdomskör made its debut concert on November 17th that same year. From the beginning, the choir has been conducted by Mikael Wedar, highly experienced in teaching choral singing – e.g. at Stockholm’s Musikgymnasium

Most of the choir’s concerts and activities are held in the church of S:t Jacob and in the Stockholm Cathedral. The choir has weekly rehearsals, participates in church services a few times a year, has concerts both in its own right and together with other musicians. S:t Jacobs Ungdomskör aims to give special and diverse performances on a stage that still are firmly routed in a traditional Swedish choir tradition. We believe that classical choral singing can develop in a modern and interesting direction without losing its unique qualities. We hope that, in the following years we can prosper and become a substantial part of the rich choir life in Stockholm. 

S:t Jacobs Ungdomskör has had many international successes - in 2010 the choir participated in the Slovakia Cantat held in Bratislava, Slovakia and was, among other prizes, awarded the Grand Prix of the festival. In the autumn of 2012, the choir competed in the very honourable International Harald Andersén Chamber Choir Competition, a high-quality competition held every three years in Helsinki, Finland. The choir managed to attain the third place. More recently, in November 2013, the choir took part in Tolosa choral contest in Basque Country, Spain. Out of five possible prizes S:t Jacobs Ungdomskör won all of them and qualified for the European Grand Prix in Debrecen, Hungary 2014.