Emil Råberg
have composed our special piece

Emil Råberg is a young, but yet seasoned composer, with a MFA in composition at the Piteå College of Music.

Emil comes from a family where both parents where music teachers, and he appreciated classical music early. Moreover, over the years, he has sung second bass in several different choirs on different levels.

– It’s those big sonorities in classical music that appeals to me, says Emil. Choir music is like one organic instrument, rich in colors.

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One piece – three languages
The commission to compose a new piece for this festival come up through a contact with Leif Åkesson – the artistic leader of the festival.

– We met at a choir leader convention in Piteå, where I’ve written a piece for Erik Westbergs Vocal Ensemble, Emil remembers.

The new piece is around 15 minutes long and sung in three different languages   – latin, english och sami. The lyrics are written by Leif Åkesson and describes, of course, the magic arctic light.

– With three different languages, the music has to have a bit different approach throughout, Emil explains. The challenge is to make it all fit together, but it is also and advantage, since it gives different styles, character and approaches.

As the composer Emil will of course attend the rehearsals, but Leif will be the conductor. Maybe he will sing with the second basses himself on the big first performance, saturday 21st of june 2014…

The lyrics:
Latin Lux sólis súperat ténebras árcticas
Et nox aestátis símilis diéi est
Canámus psallamúsque per nóctem tótam
Lux mirábilis nunc est laudánda

English The light of the sun defeats the arctic darkness
and summers night is like a day
Let us sing and play all through the night
It is time to praise the wondrous light.

Umesami Biejvien tjuavgga nuortan sjeävnnjiedub ujssa
jah giesien jijja leä guh beäjvvie.
Låvllabe jah spieládube åbba jijjub.
Dállie leäájggie åvduos tjuovgub májnnuot.