Estonian Voices
- vocal ensemble from Estonia

Estonian Voices came together in 2010 for Christmas Jazz Festival organized by Jazzkaar in Estonia. The idea of putting together a vocal ensemble started with Tallinn 2011 Capital of Culture in cooperation with Estonian Jazz Union and Jazzkaar Festival, who invited Britt Quentin from M-Pact to start working with the group. Kadri Voorand was asked to call the group together to lead it and arrange for it. 

Most of the singers are the previous or present students of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The idea was to work in few sessions during the year 2011 and finally to give a concert together  with Britt from M-Pact at Christmas Jazz Festival 2011. The group continued after the project and has given many concerts, every single one receiving highly positive response. 2013 they toured all the biggest concert halls in Estonia together with Estonian Dream Big Band and famous jazz vocalist Datevik Hovanesian. At Christmas Jazz 2013 they were the guest artists on New York Voices concert and also won the hearts of both audience and the NY Voices. The group sings mostly original music.