Leif Åkesson
– Artistic Director

Leif Åkesson is an autodidact singer and choir-leader – and a renowned conductor, choir consultant and pedagogue. He has been a member of several small and large vocal groups.

Leif was one of the founders of the vocal quartet Dé Våras and has been singing in Oktetten Moritz and Octavox. He has also been a member of larger choirs, like Kammarkören Sångkraft and Sacre Choeur. 

During a period of six years Leif was a singer in Orphei Drängar, led by the legendary conductor Eric Ericson. A lot of the playfulness and ideals of Master Eric can be seen in the work of Leif Åkesson.

Eleven choirs
Leif is today the leader of eleven choirs! Several can be found at companies in Skellefteå, where singing in choirs is a part of the wellness work of the companies. Among all these choirs, Skellefteå Kammarkör and Kammarkören Sångkraft are the ones that participate in festivals and competitions around Europe.

As the conductor of Kammarkören Sångkraft Leif and the choir won the award Choir of the World the year 2000 in the international competition in Llangollen in Wales. He has also been appointed Choir Leader of the Year 2013 (something you can read more about here). The year 2012 Leif Åkesson was given the Cultural Stipend in Skellefteå, motivated as follows:

“One of the goals of Skellefteå is to increase the population. If people are to stay or move in they must feel at home here. One way to create conditions that makes this possible has been shown by Leif Åkesson in his role as a choir leader. The last year he has managed to engage seven new residents as singers in Skellefteå Kammarkör.”