Lex Artica
– Grand Premiere Concert

On Midsummer Day, a grand assembly of choirs and choristers will perform a new, specially composed work by Emil Råberg. This will be the pinnacle of the festival, and your choir is more than welcome to join! 

The grand premiere of Lux Articas will conclude the Umeå International Choir Festival on Midsummer Day, June 21st in Umeå People's House. At 2 PM, all participating choirs can join the great chorus and sing under the festival's Artistic Director, Leif Åkesson (Swe).

Do you or your choir want to participate?

Order the scores!

First, the choir must be registered to attend the Festival, and have paid the participation fee of 200 SEK per person.

You can then request the scores and audio files via e-mail. Please note that the scores are available in two levels of proficiency; one more demanding for White Night choirs and similar levels, and one suited for any level. 

There will be open rehearsals during the festival week mornings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

At the Grand Premiere, the White Night choirs will primarily feature on the stage, fronted by any and all other involved singers on the floor of the hall. The rest of the hall, we hope, will be filled with the amazed audience!