The first IRL-meeting ever of the digital group
will be at the festival

 Accent sings jazz a cappella. They are a digital vocal group and now they will meet and sing together live for the first time!

The six guys found each other on the net and now they sing together—even though they live in different parts of the world (five countries) and they have never met in person.

Nothing says “harmony” like coming together across international borders, as they write on their Facebook.

Meeting on the Internet

It all began when Swedish Simon Åkesson and French Jean-Baptiste Craipeau got to know each other on a forum for the 1950-group The Hi Lo’s.

Jean-Baptiste knew the American Evan Sanders and the to Canadians Andrew Kesler and Danny Fong. These four had already tried to sing four-part music over the net and now they wanted to extend to six-part singing. Jean-Baptist contacted Simon and also James Rose, a young Englishman.

They chose a song that they all liked, Gold Mine by the pioneering a cappella group Take 6, and started to record—each one at home. After the first attempt they have continued to work together.

“Today we most often start with the base by Evan” says Simon. “Then we add the baritone by James, and then the tenor parts by Andrew, Danny, me and Jean-Baptiste”.

Simple technology

The technological demands are low. A good microphone and possibilities to film yourself is more or less the only things required. In a closed Facebook group they discuss and enhance the arrangements until all are satisfied.

“We never rehears together, but sometimes we meet every day on Facebook” explains Simon.

The videos are also rather simple. The group decides together that they for example should film against a white background while wearing outdoor clothing. Before the song is published on Youtube, Evan mixes the song while Andrew edits the video.

Finally together

When Kammarkören Sångkraft planned the festival, Accent was one of the groups that everyone was interested in.

“We have talked a little about meeting, that it would be fun” says Simon, “so when we got the offer from the festival we just accepted”.

A few days before the festival the group will meet—for the first time—at Simons place in Skellefteå.

“It will be really fun, but most of the time will be tough repetitions. We really don’t know what we will sound like live!” says Simon laughing a little.

The first performance is on the opening evening at the festival at Norrlandsoperan, Tuesday, June 17. Later during the week, Accent will also give a seminar on their music and technique.

Listen to Accent