Rickard Åström
Can one sing with the heart?

Most choristers would say "yes", and they'd be spot on! In Rickard Åströms workshop you'll see for yourself how singing synchronizes the heart rhythms. 

Together with a research team at the renowned Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Rickard Åström has studied how the heart rhythm is affected when singing. The study was heavily featured in international press such as New Scientist, BBC, CNN, the Times and Der Spiegel when the team could see the heart rates of the choristers rising and slowing down in sync.

Over 26 000 people all over the world have read about the study.

During the Umeå International Choir Festival, Rickard will conduct his experiment once more; live, with the participants of the festival. Will our heart rhythms align as well? We'll find out...

Rickard Åström is a musician, composer and current kapellmeister at the Gothenburg Opera. He is since many years involved in research related to music and it's effects on human health.

Watch a video about the study here!