Be part of the sound
Choral hearing and vocal tone formation

This workshop aims at intensifying your choral singing experience.
We will practice differentiated use of our own voices as contribution to the overall choir sound. Examples will be used to increase the sensibility for timbre and tone transport and to appreciate vowel colours. The voice training will enhance our hearing and physical perception of our own voices. We will experience and investigate intonation phenomena in natural pitch.
Herzlich willkommen!

Harald Nickoll is the director of the music school of the city of Aachen. He majored in choir and orchestra conducting, guitar, viola da gamba and singing. Harald led several choirs and is regularly invited as a lecturer for choir conducting and vocal training in natural pitch. In 1983, he founded the chamber choir Carmina Mundi with which he published numerous well-received CDs and won e.g. the German federal choir contest in 2006. Harald co-initiated Aachen’s international choir biennial and is member of its musical counsil. Harald’s interests include phenomena of sound and harmony such as sound density, sustainability, tone and conveyance.