Gunno Klingfors
News about old song 2.0

Back in 1991, wrote Gunno Klingfors a new book about old songs and now he tells us more about how you sung through the times, with focus on ensemble singing.

The seminar begins with a exposé of what is known about the song from when the first people came to the Umeå area and today. Emphasis is on advanced music of eg Bach and Mozart on 1600-/1700-talen - and how vocal way changed when female singers became common during the 1800s.

The seminar will also offer unique sound samples, including recordings of castrato from 1902 and 1904 - who played for the first time!

The seminar thus linking to the book News about old song. It is long since out of print, but an updated digital version will be published in connection with the seminar. Other seminar material can be purchased in digital form.

Gunno Klingfors has a solid music education, has been a teacher at Swedish universities and is the host of radio's Classical types. He also write six books on music history and historical music practice.