Carmina Mundi

is one of Aachen's leading chamber choirs. Founded over 25 years ago by conductor Harald Nickoll the choir has evolved into a sophisticated ensemble of music enthusiasts.

"Carmina Mundi" translates to "songs of the world" and following this credo the choir has covered works from around the globe and through the ages - from the early beginnings of polyphony to modern compositions. Concentrating on a cappella singing in natural pitch has allowed them to develop their unique sound. This creates a sound spectrum rich in overtones, giving the impression of a bright and radiant sound. In 2006, Carmina Mundi won the title in the German federal choir contest held every four years. The outstanding performance of a German folk song also won them a special award in this contest. In 1993, 2001 and 2005 they won the regional qualifications to this competition in North Rhine-Westphalia. Other prizes in international choir competitions include Spittal (Austria) 1999, and Lindenholzhausen (Germany) 1999. The choir has recorded numerous internationally well-received CDs (ebs-records, audite-records, Dabringhaus & Grimm) and made appearances on TV and radio.

Currently, Carmina is looking forward to Umea and preparing itself with mosquito spray and surströmming rehearsals. See for more information.